Church of the Holy Sepulchre

For many Christians, a trip to Jerusalem can be an amazing experience.  It is something that will help you to get a great understanding of the history of your religion and will allow you to walk on the same ground that Christ himself walked on. Of course, part of that history is the different churches that are located in the Christian quarter of the old city, and these are buildings that every Christian ought to get a chance to visit at some point in their lives.

One of the greatest churches I have ever seen is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is located in Jerusalem. This church was built on the 13 of September in 335 AD, and it is still standing and in very good shape.  According to Christian history and tradition, this is the church that actually has two of the most important historical sites of Christianity. First, this church is located at Calvary, which is where Jesus was crucified. It is also widely believed that this is the church that also holds Christ’s empty tomb.  For those of us who care deeply about the roots and history of our religion, this is definitely something that ought to be visited at least once.

Because this is such an old church, it does have some of the amazingly beautiful architecture that is often associated with old churches. Newer churches simply do not have the same sorts of designs and architecture that the older churches have, and they tend to be a little bit bland in their appearance. This particular church is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t think of a better structure to be placed upon the site where Jesus was crucified and then resurrected.

There is an amazing feeling you get when visiting this historic site, and so I definitely suggest that everyone with a passion for the love of Christ visits it at least once.